Educational software for students

When you have received confirmation that you are taking part in an OfG course (14 days after the course starts), you can order the Adobe Creative Cloud educational software for students at a reduced trainee rate. These Education Versions are identical to the commercial versions.

Various questions crop up frequently in connection with the Adobe Student and Teacher Editions. You can find answers to most of them here.

Adobe Creative Cloud Student and Teacher

Students and teachers, save over 60%. Adobe Creative Cloud can be ordered by all people taking part in OfG courses as educational software for students


Autodesk software can only be ordered by people taking part in the 3D course.


Microsoft products can be ordered by all people taking part in OfG courses.

Study graphic design and kickstart your creative career!

100% online

No attendance requirements

No on-campus examinations

No fixed learning times

ISO-9001 certified

State approved

Free breaks at any time

Longlife access & updates

Made in Germany