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Every OfG graduate receives an individual, high-quality international certificate. The OfG certificate signifies training of the highest standard, and verifies your skills and competencies - made in Germany.

Your benefits for your design career

Strong and thorough design training is the essential basis for your professional career, as well as for your personal development. But what are the indicators of high-quality graphic design training? What do clients expect from creative talents, graphic designers and style producers? And what are the latest everyday tools of design experts, communication designers and graphic designers?

Because of continuously growing competition, globalization, and the increased quality standards in the music and media industry, it has become more difficult to be perceived in the market, to stand out from competitors, and to remain competitive.

Therefore, it is even more important to let others know about your personal qualifications, your talents, and your expertise.


Our certificate offers you the following key benefits:

Standing out from competitors

Raising awareness of your qualifications

Acquiring new clients

Increasing recognition from your employee

Acquiring new clients

For companies, the certificate is a decisive factor in the following decisions:

For companies, a certificate is a decisive factor in the following decisions:

Filling a position

Determining an applicant’s skills

Recognizing and developing employees


In addition to the regular certificate, you will receive an OfG Web-Certificate for the course you successfully attended. You can integrate this certificate into your website and CV as a verification of your skills.

Entry into OfG alumni register

Integration of web-certificates into your website etc.

Unique digital proof


Study graphic design and kickstart your creative career!

100% online

No attendance requirements

No on-campus examinations

No fixed learning times

ISO-9001 certified

State approved

Free breaks at any time

Longlife access & updates

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