How to study


1. Registration

You register online and then your personal access data is sent to you by email.

Use this to log into the internal OfG training area when the course begins.

You can work on the OfG course from any computer, tablet or smartphone, anywhere in the world.


2. Course begin

Your first course month is now available to you here.

During the course, the content will be presented in an understandable way with the help of images, animated images, examples, videos and practical assignments.

You can work through them step by step and at your own pace.


3. Feedback & Support

Each course month contains one or several main topics. At the end of the month you should submit your own work on the topics.

Your work will be reviewed and your questions answered by our coaches — quickly and including analyses and concrete recommendations for improvement.


4. Certification

Everyone who completes the course successfully will receive a highly rated OfG certificate. The OfG certification stands for top quality. It is proof of the design skills and knowledge that you have acquired.

During the course you will have access to all the learning material — and after you have completed the course, you can still access the material for reference.


Study graphic design and kickstart your creative career!

100% online

No attendance requirements

No on-campus examinations

No fixed learning times

ISO-9001 certified

State approved

Free breaks at any time

Longlife access & updates

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