Mission Statement

Preliminary remarks    

Audiocation GmbH was founded in 2009 by Patrik Sneyd, Helge Beckmann and Olaf Beckmann. In our view, education and learning are essential components of modern life. We are certain that demand for courses of study and opportunities for further education will increase dramatically. For the only way to stay ahead is to keep learning — life-long.


Quality and customer-oriented

Our aim is to make learning easier and encourage students' motivation and enthusiasm by providing didactically and methodologically thought-through content. This makes it (relatively) easy to improve your qualifications > your chances of finding your favourite occupation > your sense of self-esteem. We commit ourselves to being flexible and at the same time reliable partners in your further education adventure. And we deliver what we promise. Our customers regularly praise our reliability, quick responses and flexibility. We subject ourselves to regular evaluation processes in order to satisfy the requirements of both private and business customers.


The market and areas of business

The demand for specialist further education courses will continue to grow, because employers want to be able to benefit from the full potential that their employees have to offer. This goes hand in hand with the need for increased flexibility and less dependency on time and locational restraints.

We have seen the way things are going and our strategy encompasses ever more sectors and special areas. The common denominators in all these activities are our didactic, organizational and technical skills.


Staff and self-evaluation

Our staff members share our views on education. Their enthusiasm and experience are the motors that power our top performance in all sectors. They invest their confidence in our entrepreneurial future and avoid sectoral egoism.

Our strength comes from the people who work for us. Their thorough training, know-how and desire to succeed form the foundation of our success in the market. Our team is so experienced that we have already started the process of finding innovative solutions before problems even present themselves. However, we are growing at such a rate that we can already foresee that there is a risk of staffing and qualification bottlenecks arising. We are addressing this by means of strategic personnel development and targeted recruiting. The important thing here is to achieve the right balance between developing course content, providing services and management.

To this end, we are in an ongoing process of self-evaluation. For self-evaluation is the fundamental prerequisite for improving performance, achieving innovation and optimizing processes. This includes a comprehensive, regular and systematic assessment of activities, aims, processes and results — either of the company as a whole or of individual company sectors.


Protecting the environment, occupational safety, health and safety regulations

We at OfG regard protecting the environment as a task that we all need to tackle as members of society. Therefore we take account of ecological aspects in formulating our entrepreneurial goals and taking decisions. As far as occupational safety is concerned, our aim is to run an accident-free company, observing all the relevant laws, regulations and guidelines. This company policy applies to all employees and requires all senior staff to implement it and set a good example.

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